Rebecca Miller-Campbell – Reindeer/Santa Quilted Ornaments (Set of 8) — 3920-1

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Set of 8 hand-painted, quilted fabric ornaments by Rebecca Miller Campbell.  Approx. 4″.  Housed in a hand-painted round cardboard canister.  7.5″ Diameter.

This is a hand-crafted piece and, as can be expected, slight variations may exist in color and design.


Headshot-RebeccaCMRebecca Miller-Campbell is a folk artist living in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains with her husband and kitty in a 95-year old antique farmhouse that houses her studio.

Of herself, she writes “I am a product of all the love I’ve experienced or been witness to in 29 years. I am a Southern girl who memorizes moments & feelings & tries to articulate them as best I can so that my history is well documented & my love catalogued. So that no one ever doubts exactly how they made me feel. I am a girl who is in love with living. In love with all the small seemingly insignificant moments that occur every day…that make this life chaotic / messy / moving / beautiful / sorrowful / ugly / extraordinary. I am a girl who lives for words & songs, soft hands on foreheads & conversations that are not necessarily spoken. I am moved by grit, by grime, by people who roll up their sleeves & dig into the mess, without worrying about the consequence. I believe we all have the ability to heal. Ourselves & others. I believe we have to choose healing. Everyday. In the smallest of ways. Even if it’s sometimes just reminding ourselves to breathe.”


Rebecca Miller-Campbell