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My sister Mary died in 1941 when I was about two years old. I still remember her very well, despite my young age at the time of her death. I’ll never forget how she dedicated her life to protecting and caring for me. I still feel her presence in times of danger or when I am depressed. I feel that she truly loved me, during her short time on this earth. This book is written to preserve my encounters of the paranormal or, as some people would say, ghosts. My family and I have had many encounters with Mary and other deities of the unknown. Mary has been central to this experience, and as far as I am concerned, it has been all good, but that has not been the experience of some others. Also, I would like to acknowledge my sister, Helena, who took up the impossible task of caring for me after Mary died. Helena also assisted me in remembering the details of the visitations from Mary, as they happened in both our lives.

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