John Haywood – “Sis Cuttin’ Mamaw’s Hair” Print — 2006

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10″ x 12″ print entitled “Sis Cuttin’ Mamaw’s Hair”. Signed and numbered by the artist. Limited to 100 print run.

Reproduction of original work by artist and musician John Haywood.

Headshot-JohnHaywood In John’s words:

“About me…I was born in Prestonsburg, Kentucky in 1977.  I was raised in a small family community in a holler in southeast Kentucky.  My parents both worked, my dad did land surveying for mining companies and my mom worked in a flower shop across the street from her sisters beauty shop.  I was doing artwork at a very early age.  My granny, who also does folk art and makes quilts, has drawings of mine from before I can even remember.  My pappaw on the other side sang in the Old Regular Baptist Church.  Most of my older cousins who lived on the holler were older boys who ran circles around me on the court and on the field, so I took refuge in alone time when I could draw pictures and practice the guitar.  I kind of feel like I had no choice in the matter.”


John Haywood