Virgil Gary Maiden – Large Bowl — 4870

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Large, wood-turned bowl from an american maple.  This is formed from the crotchpiece, the place where a tree trunk splits into two..  Handcrafted by Virgil Gary Maiden.

5″ deep x 19.5″ x 16.5″


GaryMaidenGary Maiden was born and raised in southeastern Kentucky.  After retiring from the coal mines, he was able to pursue his love of woodturning.  He works with native hardwoods directly from the woods foind in and around his home in Putney, KY.  He turns in his workshop that sits near his home in the midst of the Pine Mountain Forest.  He has studied at Arrowmont and has taught himself through trial and error.  His greatest pleasure comes from taking a piece of wood from the tree and turning it into a work of beauty in its natural state.  He is a member of the Kentucky Guild of Arts and Crafts.


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