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Legendary old-time and bluegrass fiddler Art Stamper joins J.D. Crowe, banjo; Harry Bickel, banjo; Danny Jones, mandolin; Blake Stamper, guitar; Steve Cooley, bass.

Track Listing (click a link to hear samples):

  1. The Long Fork of the Buckhorn
  2. Devil on the Stump
  3. The Old Hen Cackled
  4. Midnight on the Water
  5. Lady of the Lake
  6. Goodbye Girls
  7. I’m Going to Boston
  8. Don’t Come Home Drunk
  9. Johnnie
  10. Bitter Creek
  11. Chinqui Pin Hunting
  12. Red Apple Rag
  13. Martha Campbell
  14. Fort Smith

HiramStamper-175pxArt Stamper played and taught the Appalachian fiddle style he learned from his father, Hiram, and that Hiram learned from old-time fiddlers who learned their tunes years earlier.

Art also played bluegrass fiddle with some of the greatest names in bluegrass, like Ralph and Carter Stanley, Bill Monroe, Larry Sparks, the Goins Brothers, Jim and Jesse.

Whether playing Appalachian fiddle or bluegrass fiddle, Art was a musical marvel. There are many great fiddlers, but only one Art Stamper. Listen for yourself and see.


Art Stamper