Angie Spady – Channing O’Banning and the Rainforest Rescue by Angie Spady — 4159

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Armed with a pencil in her ponytail and a pocketful of gummy turtles, there’s nothing that the fourth-grade artist can’t do. Does that include finding her way out of a mysterious jungle? When Channing O’Banningdiscovers that her best friend has gone crazy over the new boy at school, she fears that she’s lost her best friend forever. Taking her frustrations out in her secret sketchbook, Channing is determined to make Marco, “the best friend thief” her worst enemy. But when they both wind up in the rainforest of Costa Rica, Channing soon discovers that Marco may be her only hope for survival! Join the famous fourth grade artist and a hilarious host of characters– including Teeny the pot-bellied pig–as they get into one wild escapade after another. But be prepared: you may learn a thing or two and be tempted to put a pencil in your own ponytail!

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