Knott Downtown Radio Hour

Tune in and join the fun!

Join us each month for the Knott Downtown Radio Hour. We’ll have music, prose, poetry, and the occasional amusing anecdote all recorded live at the Appalachian Artisan Center in historic Hindman, Kentucky.

The Knott Downtown Radio Hour is hosted by Master Artist Doug Naselroad with production assistance from Mike Slone and volunteers at the Appalachian Artisan Center.

# Date Featured Guests
26 June 2016  An Hour with Nick Jamerson Listen Now!
25 May 2016  Dulcimer Shop Series featuring Randy Wilson and The Local Honey’s Listen Now!
24 April 2016  Bob Young Listen Now!
23 March 2016  Dulcimer Shop Series featuring Jake Book, John Haywood and Brett Ratliff Listen Now!
22 February 2016 A Retrospective – Various Artists Listen Now!
21 January 2016 Al & Alice White, Brett Ratliff, Maddie MacNeil and Sheila K. Adams Listen Now!
20 December 2015 Sheila K. Adams Listen Now!
19 November 2015 John Haywood and George Gibson Listen Now!
18 October 2015 Songwriter’s Circle Listen Now!
17 September 2015 Debra Thompson and Ron Pen Listen Now!
16 August 2015 Lee Sexton and Cari Norris Listen Now!
15 June 2015 Sheila K. Adams Listen Now!
14 May 2015 Coty Hogue and the Cyclists Listen Now!

Radio Station:
WMMT 88.7

Broadcast Time:
4th Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm

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