Blacksmith Studio

Discover a new craft.
Learn blacksmithing and metal working.

Step into the studio in historic downtown Hindman and work alongside Dan Estep, our master blacksmith, to discover the art of metalwork through an interactive workshop or apprenticeship program.


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Workshop Schedule:
By appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Call 606-785-9855.

Print a registration form.

Workshops can accommodate up to 4 people per session.

Choose from one of our pre-designed workshop options or, if you’d like to craft a specific item, contact us to develop a custom workshop. The possibilities are endless!

Master Blacksmith Dan Estep will guide participants in forging their own simple butcher knife and 18th-century style hatchet.

Project requires 12 hours of studio time over several days.  Classes will be held Thursdays from 9am to 4pm and will continue weekly until all participants complete their projects.

$150 workshop fee includes all materials and instruction.  REGISTER TODAY!


Craft a medium-sized knife with a wooden handle and a simple leather holster.

Project requires 8 hours of studio time over 1-3 days, depending upon your selected schedule.

$125 workshop fee includes all materials and instruction.

Forge a functional 18th century style trade hatchet or tomahawk.

Project requires 4 hours of studio time over 1-2 days, depending upon your selected schedule.

$75 workshop fee includes all materials and instruction.

Create a small metal keychain featuring a leaf design and a “J-shaped” wall hook.

Project requires 1-2 hours of studio time.

$25 workshop fee includes all materials and instruction.

If you’re interested in a more intensive learning experience to develop your skills and become a professional blacksmith, the Center offers an immersive apprenticeship program. Through a formal apprenticeship, you will work alongside staff to master the art through product creation, repair, and maintenance. There is no predetermined length of time, but the duration depends upon skill mastery.

Apprenticeship costs vary. Individuals are responsible for monthly studio  fees and material costs. Contact us for more details or to enroll.

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