Mission & Vision

The purpose of the Appalachian Artisan Center is to develop the economy of eastern Kentucky through our arts, culture, and heritage.

We are dedicated to supporting artists by helping them create and grow successful businesses. The Center provides assistance to artists in many ways including business plan development, training and continuing education opportunities, studio space, and a venue to sell and exhibit their work.

Shop & Gallery

The Center’s Shop is home to an extensive selection of handcrafted items. From pottery to jewelry and furniture to quilts, the rich heritage of the region is reflected in the unique pieces available for purchase.

The Shop is also home to the art gallery space which highlights regional artist exhibits.

Cody Studios

At the Appalachian Artisan Center’s Cody Studios, artists participate in a unique program that allows them to grow their businesses with low-cost studio space and easy access to a network of artists and support services available through the Center’s staff.

Click here to learn more about our Incubator Studio program.

Bolen Studios

The Bolen Studios are home to the AAC’s Luthiery program. Under the direction of Master Artist-In-Residence Doug Naselroad, the program offers affordable instrument building workshops and apprenticeship programs for both youth and adults.

Click here to learn more about the AAC’s Luthiery program.

“I find myself full of pride every time I see the Artisan Center. I am humbled when I enter the doors and I am inspired by being a part of such a venture.”

Jamison Brumm
Monticello, KY

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